At Trips 4 U…

we offer a wide assortment of outings throughout the year. Our outings provide an opportunity for you to enjoy theater or ballet or symphony performances; live concerts; museum exhibits; aquariums; professional sporting events; shopping; gardens; our list of adventures goes on and on.  Occasionally, we plan over night trips to various destinations throughout California. Each year, we plan to include a few extended visits to some national parks; a major US city; and a few international destinations all via our partnership with Collette Tours.

Allow Trips 4 U to help you accomplish your “Bucket List”!

Day & Overnight Trips

Trips 4 U offers a wide variety of Day Outings for active adults to the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento region as well as short get-away trips throughout CA.

Bruce and Barbara

We invite YOU to join us on our various adventures. Our family motto is, “You can’t have too much fun!”  So how about it, let’s enjoy some special travels together!

Extended Trips

We offer short Get-away trips for Seniors and Active Adults in Northern California. Our Multi-day trips go to major US cites as well as some International destinations.